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  Home > Clinical Services > Cardiology Services & Centers of Excellence
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Clinical Services

Cardiology Services & Centers of Excellence

Accredited by Joint Commission International, Doctors Hospital is proud of its Centers of Excellence which have outstanding reputations for providing quality care. Many elements go into making a program a Center of Excellence: outstanding staff, state-of-the-art technology, premier teaching programs, participation in late-breaking research.

Doctors Hospital’s Centers of Excellence is a preferred place of care. We offer the best patient outcomes, have the finest operational standings and provide the best in patient care with specialists and sub-specialists working together as a team. Our Centers of Excellence combine comprehensive services with the latest technology and highly experienced and educated clinical support staff to deliver the best results.

We provide comprehensive, specialized healthcare in our seven Centers of Excellence – Cardiovascular Services, Critical Care Unit, Surgical Services, Emergency Services, Imaging, Maternity and Rehabilitation.  Each Center of Excellence brings together an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and health care professionals able to address the most complex and difficult medical problems.

With specific focus areas, the Centers offer access to the best medical technology and clinical expertise to provide world-class care.

Cardiovascular Services

The Cardiac Program at Doctors Hospital was created eleven years ago to meet the country’s heart care needs. Dr. Duane Sands, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, heads the Open Heart Surgery service at Doctors Hospital . Our cardiac program is a full-service, multi-disciplinary program that cares for public and private patients. It combines special diagnostic procedures with education, advanced patient care, and rehabilitative therapy. The first ever open heart surgery in the Bahamas was performed by Dr. Sands at Doctors Hospital in 1994, and our world-class cardiac program has saved many lives with over 100 patients having Open Heart Surgery in the first three years of the Cardiac program’s opening. In addition to Open and Closed Heart Surgeries, Dr. Sands performs operations on the blood vessels in the body, both veins and arteries. In the Bahamas, cardiothoracic surgery is performed only at Doctors Hospital, which has the necessary equipment and staff to support such complex procedures.

In our region, Doctors Hospital sets the standard for care of the heart. Our cardiologists use the most advanced techniques and equipment to provide the best cardiac care in the region. With the support of a full service hospital, patients can rest assured that we are prepared to handle whatever type of care they need at any time.

Diagnostic procedures offered in the cardiac program include pediatric and adult cardiac surgery, cardiac cauterization, coronary angioplasty and stent procedures, and pacemaker insertion (temporary and permanent).

The Pediatric Cardiology services at Doctors Hospital are headed by Dr. Jerome Lightbourne following his relocation to the Bahamas in 1995. Previously children with heart disease were treated in the USA ; with the assistance of Dr. Duane Sands and Dr. Mark Weech, most children are now treated in the Bahamas at Doctors Hospital . The Cardiac Program supports physicians with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, a dedicated nursing staff, and both inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.

When you come to Doctors Hospital with a heart problem, our team of heart specialists evaluates your condition immediately and decides upon a course of action. The team determines the seriousness of your condition, whether it is an emergency, and what treatment you need.

The Cath Lab, opened at Doctors Hospital on March 20th, 1996, is a vital part of the cardiac programme. Under the directorship of Dr. Conville Brown, trained diagnosticians work with doctors, nurses and other health professionals using the latest techniques. The Cath lab offers state of the art cardiac diagnosis and treatment second to none in the Caribbean and is on par with most of its peers in the US and Europe. This million dollar investment allows our physicians to insert catheters into coronary arteries to detect blockages and provide critical information for by-pass surgery. First in the Caribbean to implant an Automatic Defibrillator in a patient, the Cardiac Lab is the only facility of its kind in the Bahamas.

Heart and circulatory disease is a major killer in the Bahamas. The Doctors Hospital cardiac program is our tool for treating and preventing it.

Meet the Team

The Cardiovascular team at Doctors Hospital consists of American educated specialists who have been specifically trained to diagnose and treat infants, children, adolescents and adults with heart disease or congenital heart defects.

Cardiac Anesthesiologists

  • Dr. Sy Pierre – Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Advanced training at Cooke County Hospital in Chicago . Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology.
  • Dr. Mark Weech – Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Advanced training at the University of Michigan. 


  • Dr. Conville Brown – Adult Cardiologist. American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. Advanced training at Beth Israel Medical Centre in New Jersey . First Fellow in the Bahamas .
  • Dr. Patrick Cargill – Cardiologist. Invasive and Non-invasive Cardiology. Member American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Dr. Dean Tseretopoulos – Cardiologist. Non-invasive Cardiology. American Board Certified , U.S. trained.
  • Dr. Bimal Francis – International Cardiologist. Advanced Training in India .
  • Dr. Jerome Lightbourne – Pediatric Cardiologist. Advanced training at the University if Miami ’s Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida.

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons 

  • Dr. Henry Coleman – Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Advanced training at Hahnamann Medical College in Pennsylvania .
  • Dr. Duane Sands – Cardiovascular Surgeon. Advanced training at John Hopkins in Maryland and Wayne State University in Detroit . Diplomate American Board of Surgery. Diplomate American Board of Thoracic Surgery.

Critical Care Unit: A Center of Excellence

At Doctors Hospital, we provide the highest standards of care utilizing the experience and expertise of our highly skilled team of medical and nursing staff as well as other health care professionals.

The Critical Care Unit at Doctors Hospital is a specialty care unit. It is operational 24 hours a day, each day of the year and is designed to provide a concentration of skills, equipment, and facilities for specialized medical and nursing care for the critically ill patient.

This unit is for the patient who requires continuous, comprehensive, and detailed intensive care because of the critical nature of the patient's disease or illness. A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized by consultations with dietary, pharmacy, physical therapy, rehabilitative and respiratory therapy to meet the patient’s needs.

Specially trained and certified critical care doctors and nurses man the eight-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the sixteen-bed Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) at Doctors Hospital round-the-clock. Both units feature state of the art equipment and specially designed beds that are capable of being repositioned as necessary to ensure complete comfort. ICU and IMCU are equipped with ventilators to help with breathing, specialized heart catheters to access a patient’s circulatory status, and apparatus for performing telemetry and haemodynamic monitoring, thereby increasing the accuracy of readings and measurements.

The first Telemetry Unit in the region was opened in 1997 at Doctors Hospital. This unit was capable of monitoring the cardiac status or electrocardiogram of any patient within the hospital. The monitoring capacity was eight (8) at that time. On June 21, 2005 , the Telemetry Unit was expanded to increase technology and upgrade. Additional telemetry monitors have been added to the Critical Care units. The unit can now monitor sixteen (16) rather than eight patients. Now every patient admitted to the Critical Care Unit will be monitored, improving the quality of care delivered to these patients. The ICU monitors have the capacity of haemodynamic monitoring, that is swan ganz, arterial, blood at Doctors Hospital , Nurses at the hospital are raising the bar on what it means to provide traditional bedside nursing care to patients. By monitoring the cardiac status of patients with telemetry, Doctors Hospital is raising the standards for their nursing colleagues; today, boasting the only Telemetry Unit in the region.

Our state-of-the-art, 24-bed Critical Care Unit has expanded with state-of-the-art-technology and innovative programs to become a Center of Excellence. It has been said that the ICU/IMCU at Doctors Hospital provides a level of care on par with major medical facilities around the world. 

Surgical Center of Excellence

At Doctors Hospital, our skilled physicians, nurses and other caregivers, equipped with leading edge technology, work together as a team to deliver excellence every day.

A highly competent staff of skilled surgeons and clinical nurses supervise three operating theatres and an eight patient recovery area at Doctors Hospital . Widely recognized as the leader in surgical innovative care in the Bahamas , our operating and recovery room staff is specially trained with the skills necessary to carry out even the most complex operations. Our surgical expertise includes Endoscopic procedures, Gynecological, Neurological, and Open-Heart surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures such as laser and plastic surgery.

At Doctors Hospital, we are committed to excellence, and top physicians. In 1986, Dr. Ronald Patterson introduced once of the most important advances in Gynecology to Doctors Hospital with the first laparoscopic surgery to be performed in the Bahamas. The surgery which is performed through a scope with a digital video camera has dramatically changed the way surgery is performed. Surgeons can now do major operations through tiny incisions. The surgeon uses a tiny telescope-like instrument connected to a tiny video camera or a light source that lets him or her see inside the body. Video monitors in the operating room show the inside of the patient’s body. The surgeon repairs the problem by passing tiny surgical instruments through the arthroscope, endoscope, or laparoscope, or through other small incisions. Four years later Dr. Charles Diggiss would introduce laparoscopy in General surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery means significantly less pain, fewer side effects, less scarring, a shorter recovery period, and a faster return to normal activities than traditional or “open” surgery.

There are over 165 active physicians on our medical staff who have met the rigorous standards of Doctors Hospital. They have also met stringent requirements for ongoing medical education, training, and performance. They represent a variety of specialties including: Cardiovascular Surgery, General surgery, Gastroenterology Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Oral Surgery, Otolaryngology (ENT), Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedics, and Vascular Surgery (please see our medical staff listing for a complete list of specialties).

The Operating Room Services at Doctors Hospital encompasses scheduling, Post Anesthesia Care, the Operating Room, Sterile Supply, and Anesthesia Department. These services are designed to provide a safe physical environment with appropriate support staff to provide for the physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs of patients during their pre and post operative experience.

A highly competent staff of skilled surgeons, surgical technicians, registered nurses, and anesthetist assistants, our team possesses skills required to carry out even the most complex operations. Together, they form the team for our three operating theatres and an eight patient recovery area. All of our operating theatres are outfitted with very sophisticated equipment including monitors to measure a person’s bodily signs, an electro-surgical unit to prevent bleeding during surgery and laminar flow apparatus that maintains a purified air supply for critical procedures.

Patients can choose from 25 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms available for management of pre and post operative procedures, some of which have piped oxygen, suction and compressed air facilities if necessary for the more seriously ill patients.

With our skilled surgeons and nurses being aided with the latest technological equipment, we provide the most efficient and painless surgical services, enabling most patients to go home on the day of surgery. Our objective is to make each patient’s stay with us as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit

A highly qualified team of anesthesiologists administer anesthesia for various surgical procedures. At Doctors Hospital, your anesthesiologist will visit you before you are taken to the operating suite and will remain with you to recover you from your specific
anesthesia, until you have made a full recovery. Staff patient ratio is one to one or one to two based on patient acuity.

Central Sterile Supply Department

Central Sterile Supply Department or CSSD provides inpatient and outpatient areas with sterilized instruments, equipment and some linen and supplies. Sterile Supply personnel are responsible for maintaining integrity of all sterilized items in their area by using event related sterilization maintenance.

Sterile Supply personnel are responsible for the decontamination, assembly, and sterilization of reusable instruments, equipment, linen, and supplies from the surgical suite. The department utilizes several sterilization machines which includes steam, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide plasma.

Anesthesia Department

Most people think of their Anesthesiologist as the doctor behind the mask who helps them through surgery without pain and who wakes them up when the surgery is over. However few people realize that beyond ensuring the patient’s comfort, today’s anesthesiologists primary role in the operating room is to make informed medical judgments to protect and regulate the patient’s critical life functions that are affected while the surgery is being performed

At Doctors Hospital, before surgery anesthesiologists evaluate the patient’s medical condition and formulate an anesthetic plan for each individual patient taking into consideration the patient’s physical status. Types of anesthesia provided in the operating room include but are not limited to General, Spinal, Epidural, Regional, and Local Anesthesia Care.

Center of Excellence: Emergency Services

Doctors Hospital ’s Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to provide you with the optimum in trauma care and emergency medical services. All doctors and nurses in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff are Advanced Cardiac and Trauma Life Support certified providers. All nurses are Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified. These certifications are licensed through the American Heart Association, allowing us to provide the highest level of care. Our Emergency team is capable of handling any major or minor medical emergency, and is outfitted with the latest, most advanced equipment, including specially designed treatment bays, to ensure that you are treated with speed and accuracy.

The Emergency Transport Services (ETS) is a natural extension of EMS that provides seamless care whenever you require emergency transportation. ETS’s main priority is to provide you with high quality pre-hospital care; their primary objective is to stabilize you and transport you to the hospital as quickly as possible. Every ambulance is equipped with the latest technological equipment and is operated by a team of medical professionals, including an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a Medic, an Emergency Vehicle Operator, and a Dispatcher that stays in constant contact with the ambulance crew. If you need a Doctors Hospital Ambulance call 302-4747.

Together EMS and ETS form the critical care center of Doctors Hospital . All of our dedicated professionals in these departments understand that in a place where every second can mean the difference between life and death, nothing can be left to chance. Every detail is checked and double checked, and only the best equipment is used, so you can be sure that you are getting the best medical care available.

Center of Excellence: Imaging Services

As the leading healthcare provider in the region, Doctors Hospital features state-of-the-art facilities, providing services for Radiology, Mammography, Ultrasound scanning, CT scanning, MRI scanning, Nuclear Medicine scanning and Bone Density testing. Consultant Radiologists as well as licensed and certified Technologists staff the Imaging Department using the most advanced digital equipment in the region to produce very high quality results achieving the most accurate diagnosis of a patient’s conditions. These experts are continually training and updating themselves on the latest techniques, not available at other facilities.

The Imaging Department of Doctors Hospital consisted originally of three rooms. At that time the staff compliment including the radiologist Dr. K. Larry Carroll, was three persons. In the ten years since moving to the new facility the staff complement has grown to approximately 14 persons not including four full-time radiologists. The department now occupies 13 rooms on the first floor of the new facility. There is also a freestanding building across the street from the hospital on Christie Street and Shirley Streets which houses the new MRI scanner, the most advanced in the region.

The present department has expanded from originally having only ultrasounds CT and x-ray machines, to today having every possible diagnostic imaging modality expected in a hospital of this size. The department boasts a state-of-the-art MRI scanner, there is also a 16 multislice spiral CT scanner, the most current state-of-the-art ultrasound machines with 3D capability, as well as two x-ray fluoroscopic rooms. The main fluoroscopic room has digital fluoroscopic capabilities as well as digital subtraction angiography capability. The department also has a nuclear medicine facility with SPECT capability. There is full portable x-ray capability and also operating room portable C-arm fluoroscopy with digital subtraction angiography capability. The department boasts of having a high-quality mammography suite with capability of ultrasound guided core needle biopsy as well as stereotactic core needle biopsy.

Center of Excellence: Rehabilitation Services

After a traumatic accident or debilitating illness, one's future can seem bleak indeed. Yet, no matter what they have been through, the patients who come to the Department of Rehabilitation at Doctors Hospital commend their broken bodies and spirits to the caring and highly skilled rehabilitation team hoping to be restored to an optimal level of well-being and independence.

The Rehabilitation Services Department is an integral part of Doctors Hospital, working in a close relationship with its associates for the most comprehensive and effective patient care. Rehab provides patients with the necessary tools needed to help them return to as normal a life as possible after the occurrence of stroke, brain or spinal cord damage, as well as any other illness or injuries.

After treatments, patients are more functionally independent and understand how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of future health problems. Doctors Hospital Rehabilitation Services integrates a plan of care into a patient’s particular lifestyle, increases independence, and meets the goals and needs of each individual. Outpatient services are offered in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology and Audiology. In addition, outpatient clinics offer services in general rehabilitation, prosthetics, and orthotics. Ergonomic evaluations and lectures are also available.  

For more information about our cardiology program, please call 242-302-4600 ext 5103 or email

Cardiology Services at Doctors Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery at Doctors Hospital

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